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Transport for London

Traffic Information Management System

Traffic Information Management System (TIMS) which is a browser based map-rich solution, collects, process, analyze, display, and store real-time traffic data and information from various distributed systems within TFL. This provides accurate, timely and accessible information to Traffic controllers who can then make informed choices about maximising the efficiency of London's road network. TIMS is an innovative traffic management system which will deliver a state of the art traffic operational interface to LSTCC and NP. TIMS supports Corridor Management and journey time reliability on London's major roads.

TIMS provides alerts to traffic operational staff to allow prioritisation, focus on strategically important disruptions and to prevent smaller incidents from escalating into major disruptions. Historic data is used to identify anything out of the ordinary. The system serves real-time date from different systems within TFL. This allows LSTCC to not only get information about disruptions from one data source but also relate other events or issues to an incident or an area. LSTCC will be using TIMS as the main tool during London Olympics 2012 as an early warning system to not only meet the Games operational targets but also to keep London moving.

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